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The Derek Reed Series Bundle Books 1-3 - A Paranormal Forensic Thriller

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If you like paranormal tales mixed with CSI and Criminal Minds. Then you will enjoy the Derek Reed Series.

Bundle books 1-3

The Box - Book 1

A cold case, a serial killer, and a dead girl that won’t go away.

Profiler FBI Agent Derek Reed is dealing with a costly mistake that caused the death of a young woman. Left him with horrible physical injuries and plagued by nightmares, Derek is placed on medical leave. Driven by guilt, he disobeys orders and works on a cold case. He hopes solving this case will help him atone for his past sins and right another deadly mistake from his childhood. But chasing a ghost from the past stirs up old memories. Memories Derek buried for a reason.

Buried Secrets - Book 2

A buried secret from the past is the catalyst for murder.

FBI Agent Derek Reed is back in Phoenix and in charge of his new cold case team, the Legacy Unit. Plagued by visions and nightmares, Derek questions why the dead won’t leave him alone. When Congressman Jackson pulls rank and puts Derek and his team on a new murder case, Derek can’t help but wonder if he is being set up. As evidence unfolds, Derek realizes this killer isn’t done, more are going to die. However, when Derek searches beneath the surface of the case, a connection to a cover-up puts one of his team members in danger.

The Music Box Killer - Book 3

Lullabies and Murder. 

When two women are found with their throats slit and a music box left at each crime scene, the FBI worries a killer from the past is back. As the investigation unfolds, some have questioned how Derek knows things that only the killer or the victims would know. He tells everyone it’s just his way of looking at things. But his team suspects there is more to it than that. Faced with coming to terms with a gift he never wanted, he has to learn how to control it. If he doesn’t, not only could it cost him his job, a job he can’t live without, it could cost him so much more. It could cost him his sanity.

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