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Greetings from Oklahoma!

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Murder runs in the blood.

Lt. Damien Kaine and his girlfriend, FBI Agent Dillon McGrath, are slowly getting back to normal. But when a dead woman is linked to both of them, not only are they suspended from their jobs, they are the number one suspects in her murder.

Left with no options, they find themselves in an uncomfortable position of having to rely on a new profiler assigned to the case.

When another murder occurs, the disturbing clues point to a serial killer from the past. Now in a race to stop two killers, Damien wonders if their careers can withstand the backlash from press and if he can ignore the guilt he feels for not helping when someone needed him.

Book 6 In the Damien Kaine Series is another gripping thriller by Author Victoria M. Patton.

If you are a fan of CSI, Criminal Minds, and Motive, this series is for you.

Victoria M. Patton

If I'm not plotting my next murder, you can find me watching TV with my family, or possibly drinking copious amounts of whiskey and talking to my cat, Pumpkin.

I started writing when I was a stay at home mom, and now I have a small business centered on my writing. I rely on the sales of my books to keep me afloat financially. Every shot of whiskey bought helps me write, produce content, and help other writers on their journey.

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